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No matter how good our power cutters and diamond tools get, we never stop improving them. What motivates us to do this is you. By designing around the user, you get perfectly balanced, easy-to-use and lightweight machines. And when we add best-in-class reliability and power, you can stay focused on getting the job done. With great results every time.

Our wide range of handheld heavy-duty machines includes petrol, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric cutters. You can always find a perfect machine and tool for any challenge, so you can work with high precision, less effort and optimal efficiency.

1. K 770 ACTIVE
2. K 970
3. K 1270

This electric all-round cutter minimises the amount of water and slurry. Unlike other electric cutters, the blade rotates forward, cutting into the material efficiently with minimum effort on the operator.

  1. K 4000
  2. K 4000 Cut-n-Break
  3. K 6500
  4. K 6500 Ring
  5. K 6500 Chain
  6. K 3600 Chain

Cutting a rail track takes power, precision and speed. The K 1270 Rail is the market’s most powerful cutter, customised for railways, tram tracks and metro systems. It cuts fast and straight, the attachment mounts quickly to the rail and the double attachment mountings means you can cut from any direction.

The Husqvarna K 535i is a lightweight battery power cutter with low vibrations and user-friendly ergonomics. The excellent power-to-weight ratio makes it a versatile addition for lighter land or hardscaping jobs and perfect for quick and efficient cuts. Suitable for concrete garden plates, granite, roof and floor tiles. K 535i is adaptable for wet and dry cutting. Fits with Husqvarna BLi200/300 batteries.

Our most powerful rescue cutter is specially developed for rescue and clearing work. The magnesium blade guard is designed to be visible in smoke and water spray, and the digital ignition system provides a reliable and quick start in any emergency situation. Used and trusted by fire services around the world.

  1. K 970 Rescue
  2. K 770 Rescue

In floor sawing, maximum productivity can only be achieved by a well balanced formula of power, ergonomics, torque, manoeuvrability and reliability. All factors must collaborate efficiently, so you can get the most out of your working day. It’s about the interplay between you, the machine and the diamond blade as a whole. This is what makes Husqvarna floor saws the ideal choice for maximum productivity.

  1. FS 400 LV
  2. FS 524
  3. FS 3500 G
  4. FS 5000 D
  5. FS 7000 D
  6. FS 7000 DL

More holes drilled per working hour. That’s what makes a Husqvarna core drilling system your most profitable investment.

When developing and improving our drill motors, drill stands and diamond bits we look at the whole system, and at every part, to find ways to make skilled drill operators work even more efficiently and effortlessly.

Our best reward is when customers tell us how their new Husqvarna drilling system has helped them nearly double their production rate. However we’re not surprised. Whatever your demands are when it comes to core drilling, it’s the focus on productivity that makes a Husqvarna drilling system stand out.

  1. DMS 160 A
  2. DMS 240


TS 400 F is an efficient universal masonry saw with high cutting capacity for all kinds of bricks and building blocks. With this table saw you get a maximum cutting depth of 125 mm in one pass or up to 230 mm by step cutting. You can easily plunge or bevel cut at 45 degrees for maximum versatility. The robust single-piece frame with integrated conveyor rails gives great rigidity and provides longer product life. The machine is easy to handle by one person thanks to the foldable legs.

Making your work easier – that’s our main driving force. Wall sawing always involves a lot of preparation, that’s why we set out to make our equipment convenient to transport and easy to assemble. Even before the job starts you’ll discover the smart details of the complete system, from the power packs to the wall mounting brackets, tracks, saw unit and blade guard. Every detail is carefully thought out and designed, to ensure simple assembly and efficient operation.

  1. WS 482 HF
  2. WS 442 HF
  3. WS 440 HF
  4. WS 463
  5. WS 220
  6. WSC 40

Our premium-quality wire sawing systems are ideally designed for high productivity. They are flexible, powerful and easy to use, which helps you get the job done quickly and profitably – but still with great results.

Thanks to clever design that increases the friction between the wire and the drive wheel, your wire sawing becomes effortless and efficient. The modular pulley system can easily be adapted to a wide range of applications, so there is virtually no limit in terms of sawing depth or profile.

Also our diamond wires enable you to cut very complex structures, both in steel and heavily reinforced concrete.

  1. CS 2512
  2. CS 10

When a job is too strenuous, challenging or time-consuming for human workers, these remote-controlled, 3-phase electric robots are the ideal workmates.

The Husqvarna DXR series of remote-controlled demolition robots are the very latest in demolition machines, featuring high power, low weight and functional design. They are the obvious choice for users who want manoeuvrable yet highly powerful, stable machines with long reach.

  1. DXR 310
  2. DXR 300
  3. DXR 270
  4. DXR 140

Husqvarna’s compaction equipment is developed for maximum productivity, performance and durability. Every little detail in your machine – from the ergonomic, vibration-damped handles to the hard, wearresistant steel surface beating the soil – is designed to get the job done with maximum uptime and minimum service requirement. By designing the products for easy handling and reduced vibration in hands and arms we help you stay concentrated and sharp for the whole working day.

Husqvarna’s concrete equipment is developed for maximum productivity, performance and reliability.

Every little detail within – from the hard-wearing vibrator heads to the reliable trowel motors – is designed to get the job done with maximum uptime and minimum service required.